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I have been a massage therapist for 100 years!

Or does it just seem like it some days!   LOL!   
Yet, I still get such satisfaction in helping my patients to get free of pain.
So, I needed to somehow extend my career, and not give in to the ravages of over using my hands......
 for more see "The Inventor"

“Prolong and protect the use of your hands while giving the patient enhanced treatments.”  - Merrill Lund

Don't Just Take Our Word For it! Here's What Other Therapists Think:

  • Image of Vini E, Canada

    I could not do my job with out these! My goal in the beginning was to use these tools to supplement my hand work 30%, but now I would say they are pretty much used 80% ... I do 8 hr. days, 5 days a week. Love em! And I still have energy for my daily life activities, and pain free. - Vini E, Canada

  • Image of Natalie N, Australia

    I recently ordered tools. they safely arrived yesterday and the tools are Amazing, thank you so much.  - - Natalie N, Australia

  • Image of Lana F,  USA

    I am able to feel things, with the tools, that I can not feel with my hands. The material that they are made of lends itself beautiful to working with soft tissue. My clients love the precision of what I am able to access with the tools, and the pressure. It is so much easier on my body to apply heavy pressure when needed! - Lana F, USA

Career Extenders Mission

Our mission at Career Extenders is to provide professional, high quality, and innovative massage therapy tools, manual therapy tools and physical therapy tools.
We provide massage tools for therapists, doctors, athletes, hospitals, and for everyone (for general everyday at home use).
"Prolong and protect the use of your hands, while giving the client enhanced treatment"
We take pride in our ergonomic, light-weight and highly effective manual therapy tool designs.
Our tools are designed to treat a range of areas: from back pain and neck pain to preventing pain experienced over time by practicing therapists.
Not only do our massage therapy tools help provide relief to areas that are not easily accessed, but they help alleviate the stresses that may lead to pain that develops over time in a therapists hands, wrists, and arms. Our therapy tools will assist the professional therapist by reducing the pain and stress of treating their clients while simultaneously providing a superior treatment. The end result is a happier, and healthier, client and therapist.
We encourage your feedback and suggestions. Your feeback lets us know "what we are doing right", and what we should be doing better. Please don't hesitate to contact us through the "Contact Us" page.
Please be sure to check regularly for product updates, coming soon products, and new products. Additionally, we will be adding product-related videos and information in the coming months.

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