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The Inventor

My name is Merrill Lund and I have been a massage therapist for 100 years. Or does it just seem like it some days LOL!

Yet, I still get such satisfaction in helping my patients get free of pain. I wanted to extend my career and not give in to the ravages of over using my hands.

As I have grown older I have found that my hands were more and more often sore at the end of the day.

   Merrill Lund Edison Award winner      

I actually won an award from the Edison Inventors Assoc. for my work with these tools.

I started to experiment, 12 years ago, with designing hand tools that would assist me with the process of giving deep tissue massage, releasing trigger points, etc. while at the same time, reducing the wear and tear of my own hands.

Through trial and error I have developed a series of tools that are even more effective than my own fingers in reaching critical spots. They have proven to give more relief to my patients.

My patients report they are not aware of my using these tools.

I have studied under master Physical therapists, Massage therapists, and Doctors. Deepak Chopra, Paul St. John, Eric Dalton, John Uppledger, Janet Travell to name a few.

 Experience is also a great teacher and I believe that is now time that I combine this knowledge and pass it on to others.

Included on this website are videos demonstrating my techniques that will help and guide you to increase your professional knowledge. Give more satisfaction to your practice.

I encourage you to pass on this information to others who are inspired to help patients to get relief from pain and suffering.

Sincerely,     Merrill Lund

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